myNexus Investreneur Matching

Smart-matching investment

A proof-of-concept platform to simplify and improve access to opportunities for early-stage investors and entrepreneurs.

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myNexus Product Range

Powering smarter investments

A proof-of-concept marketplace to enable entrepreneurs and early-stage investors to explore opportunities outside their network. We’re working to open up access to funding and provide a way to evaluate the people behind the idea.

What started as exploration of pain points being suffered running a private investment club, soon identified that the root causes were embedded right at the start of an entrepreneur’s journey. By combining this experience with in-depth knowledge of SMEs, the first proof-of-concept was created and tested.

Public launch in early Q2 2022

Beta testers have been using our platform for over 12 months, helping us gather feedback and ideas for the viable product.

Capital Offered

From Beta to MVP

All-in-one Platform

Taking inspiration from dating apps, our user feedback has helped shape our ambitions to better facilitate quality opportunity curation at speed.

Our upcoming launch has streamlined the features for the public release.

Simplified UI and UX

Streamlined and elegant, a simple, clean and better organised platform.

Additional Data

Evaluating opportunities needs external data sources to augment the profile information.

No need for messaging

Everyone has access to email, the last thing you need is another messaging app within an app.

Expanded matching

Removing restrictions on data points to allow multiple selection.

Better curation

Increased collection of different user data to make matching more granular.

Focused use case

Removal of features that distract from the primary goal, held for later versions.

Data control

Refreshed approach to data collection and sharing, built with next gen in mind.

Mobile improvements

Simplification of mobile user experience and mobile-first functionality.

We’ve got more coming...

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We care about the protection of your data. Read our Privacy Policy.